Probably the key word in this unprecedented crisis. And surely our greatest strength at Cristalco.

When Europe is at a standstill and our daily lives are being disrupted, we are not only ensuring the continuity of all our orders, but we have been able, from the very first days, to reorganize our entire production to serve a twofold objective: to provide concrete responses to the health challenge and to ensure the continuity nutrition chain.

Our human commitment is above all, it is played out every day, in the producing factories, loading and packaging sites, on the roads and in the fields. Men and women are committed, tracking and recording alcohol and sugar orders, managing documentary and administrative flows, manufacturing, packaging, loading, transporting by land, rail or sea, everywhere in France but also in Europe and worldwide. We do our utmost to protect and support them in unprecedented health and safety conditions.

In such a sensitive and new context, we have deployed, from the very first days of the crisis, agility and ability to find new solutions together. We were able to rely on a collective commitment, beside you. More than ever, we are partners in this health, food, economic and human challenge.
Together with our customers in the luxury goods, spirits and agricultural sectors, we have decided to prioritize our production of ethyl alcohol so that it can be made available to hospitals, pharmacies, the army, etc. In particular for manufacturing of hydro-alcoholic gel, but not only. Healthcare workers also need disinfectant, medicine, labels… The demand for alcohol in the health sector is constantly growing and our mobilisation is extremely strong to increase our production capacity from 2 to 10 million litres in March. Our 4 alcohol production sites have all been reoriented to serve this priority, including one 100% dedicated site.

Alongside retailers and the food industry, we are working to ensure the continuity of the food and agri-food chain, in particular with a fine-tuned management of sugar to cope with an 80% sales explosion in March. A so-called ” de reserve” product, sugar is one of the essential foodstuffs. Today we are making every effort, by mobilizing our teams and all our suppliers and service providers, to ensure the continuity of our production, in order to meet demand and cover needs in the coming weeks.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been managing our resources and their allocation on a daily basis in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity.

I would like to reiterate our commitment, on behalf of our entire industry and all our employees.
We are entirely at your side and at the side of the Europeans.

Stanislas Bouchard
Chief Executive Officer Cristalco

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