As the cooperative's longest-running operation, sugar production represents nearly two-thirds of Cristal Union's revenue.

Sugar for large retailers

The Group offers a full range of products packaged at our Bazancourt site. Cristal Union sugar products are used daily by consumers, who can choose from three of the cooperative’s brands: Daddy, Erstein and Eridania. Find out more about our brands

Sugar for industrial applications

The largest producer of industrial sugar products in France, Cristal Union and its commercial subsidiary Cristalco , have developed a range of products to suit all types of industrial sugar applications. Our range is constantly changing and is adapted to changes in the marketplace and to customers’ requirements.


In addition to the production and sale of organic cane sugar, we were the first to invest in the creation of a French, organic sugar-beet industry to meet the high expectations of consumers. The first organic sachets of our famous sugar, Daddy, were placed on the market in 2019.

The production of organic sugar beets is complex and demanding, especially with regard to weed-control issues. We offer support to our cooperative members, by testing new techniques with them to make their crops more sustainable.

In turn, these innovations also benefit conventional sugar beet growers.

Processing organic sugar beets required an adaptation to our production facilities to suit the different stages in the transformation process. We succeeded, with this great innovation as the key. It should be noted that organic sugar production is only possible thanks to the parallel existence of conventional sugar beet production, which allows processing costs to be amortized.