Mission and values

Within Cristal Union, our cooperative members cultivate sugar beet, a plant with many virtues and multiple applications which is used to produce sugar as well as biofuel for our vehicles and alcohol for our food, industrial or pharmaceutical needs.

At Cristal Union, collective logic has always been our driving force for anticipating changes, defending our values and meeting challenges. Proud to be a cooperative, we know that our success comes from our unity: that of ever more responsible agricultural, industrial and commercial expertise.

At the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges we face a huge responsibility : that of preserving the land we cultivate. In direct contact with the environment on a daily basis, our cooperative members are the first to be aware of the challenges we have to take up. They are constantly adapting their agricultural practices to make them ever more sustainable. With them, we are investing in R&D in order to determine the best means of exploiting the full potential of our raw material, sugar beet.

We are committed to combining our industrial performance with clear environmental choices. After completing the energy transition of our sites, we are going even further. Cristal Union is gearing up to be the industry leader in decarbonization by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030. To do this, we are investing in innovative technologies, promoting the logic of the circular economy and biomass production.

Anchored in the heart of our regions and resolutely oriented towards the future, we know that much remains to be invented. To do this, we will remain faithful to the roots that we hold so dear, and undertake to help our partners share in our operations.

Our values evolve with us and they reflect what we have become, our personality, our DNA.