Governance and cooperative model

Cristal Union was founded in 2000 as a result of the merger of three sugar-producing agricultural cooperatives and one distillery, and has remained loyal to its founding cooperative values. This Cooperative status ensures that the organization remains rooted in its local regions and aids the development of rural areas.

The 9,000 cooperative members of Cristal Union are represented by 120 elected members across 8 divisions, each with its own Divisional Council. Each of these bodies is represented by three elected members who sit on the Cristal Union Board of Directors. The Council validates strategic directives in collaboration with the General Manager and their management team.

Olivier de Bohan CEO of the Cristal Union Group

At Cristal Union, it is the democratic framework that guides our actions. Everyone has a role to play and takes a general interest in the cooperative.

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Divisional Councils and Cooperative Boards of Directors