After more than 10 years of close partnership and joint development with Dr. Joel PERRET, expert in stevia and founder of STEVIA NATURA, CRISTALCO, LAVOLLEE-FIRMALIS and MANE have accepted to continue to develop his initiative and have taken 80% control of STEVIA NATURA.
Through this partnership, the shareholders have consolidated their expertise for a shared vision of the stevia market and natural sweeteners.

“Eat well and live a healthy life” is a consumer attitude that is taking shape, with a strong tendency towards naturalness and traceability. This has led the food industry to rethink its offer and to substitute chemical sweeteners with natural solutions that guarantee transparency across the supply chain.
The Stevial® brand was established by these four commercial partners, to provide natural sweetener solutions for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.

Stevia Natura, a unique, pioneering company in Europe that extracts and purifies stevia, was founded by Dr Joël Perret in 2006; he remains as Chairman of the business. The company has developed a full range of purified extracts and innovative leaf infusions with guaranteed geographical origins. Stevia Natura is at the forefront of sustainability, reducing carbon and water footprints through strong agricultural partnerships in South America and Europe.
Stevia Natura is Europe’s number one manufacturer of stevia extracts producing high quality products which are “made in Europe” and have a reliable supply chain –

Leaders comment on the partnership
Cristalco CEO, Stanislas Bouchard, in stating that “Cristalco is committed to natural sweeteners which combine perfectly with our natural sugar products” intends to add another sustainable solution to the Stevial range.

Hervé Lavollée , CEO of the Lavollée Group that started to investigate stevia ten years ago, said “Continuing to invest in innovative products such as stevia extracts, which match perfectly with current and future consumer needs, is a way for a distributor like us to guarantee our future.” Lavollée, with its European network of specialty distributors called LEL, will play a major role in the success of Stevia Natura’s sales development through its food ingredient subsidiary, Firmalis, and its presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jean Mane, President and CEO of MANE, highlights that “this partnership reinforces MANE quest of natural, organic, local and sustainable taste solutions. This strengthens MANE in its continuous journey to enrich consumers’ natural sensorial experiences”.

• CRISTALCO – leading European sugar producer and distributor
• LAVOLLEE-FIRMALIS – distributor of high quality, speciality ingredients
• MANE – global flavour, ingredient and fragrance manufacturer
• STEVIA NATURA – producer of stevia extracts

Download the press release here : 20 01 20 Press release Stevia Natura