International partnerships 


Business partnership with the Mauritian Sugar Syndicate (MSS)

CristalCo, the business subsidiary of Cristal Union, has signed an agreement with the Mauritian Sugar Syndicate which represents all the sugar producers of Mauritius. With this commercial contract, the producers of Mauritius have decided to entrust Cristal Union with the largest part of production fixed on Europe, in other words, more than 130 000 tonnes of white and brown sugar to commercialise per year.

Une des usines de l'Île Maurice
Plus de 300 000 tonnes de sucre roux raffiné à Brindisi

Investment in SFIR Raffineria di Brindisi (SRB), Italy

In relation to its strategy for 2017 and to its development in the cane sugar sector, Cristal Union has made an alliance with ASR (American Sugar Refining), one of the leading producers in cane sugar refining. The first step of this alliance encompasses an investment by Cristal Union in SFIR Raffineria di Brindisi (SRB), an Italian sugar company which owns and operates the Brindisi refinery located in Southern Italy.
The presence of Cristal Union in Italy strengthens its business and technical approach in the sugar refining sector around the Mediterranean basin.

Building and operation of the Ouled Moussa refinery in Algeria

Cristal Union has formed a joint-venture with GRD LaBelle to build and operate the Ouled Moussa refinery which is located at approximately 30kms from Alger, in Algeria. This very modern refinery will produce high-quality industrial sugar according to the international standards and top-quality sugar for food industry. In addition, it will produce marketable by-products consisting in molasses and foam.

According to Cristal Union requirements, the refinery has the best equipment and meets the energetic and environmental standards applied to all the sites of the Group.

Furthermore, the refinery will create 350 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

For Cristal Union, the priority aims are to supply with refined sugar the important firms of the Algerian basin which are already clients by CristalCo in other countries and to benefit from the supply network of Labelle Group in Algeria and in the neighbouring countries for the sale to private customer.

Le silo bulle de la raffinerie d'Ouled Moussa