The Group policy, founding of the CSR approach

Cristal Union has defined a Group policy including a CSR approach which permeates all the functions and all the objectives of the cooperative. This policy is structured around six key performance areas.

While all the management of the cooperative embed CSR in their own responsibilities, their business domains and their objectives, the same holds true for the cross-cutting, group-wide approaches:


CSR from the beginning inscribed in the DNA of Cristal Union , and we are determined to remain among the European leaders in our industry in sustainable development.

Michel Mangion CSR Director

Targets revised upwards

The main objectives of progress shown in 2010 as part of CSR performance approach include:

• Agricultural productivity of beet,
• reducing specific energy consumption ,
• reducing greenhouse gas emissions ,
• reduction of water consumption in the natural environment ,
• the decline in workplace accidents. To monitor the CSR policy , these five objectives were completed in 2015 by three others:
• the annual rate of production of professional interviews ,
• deployment rate of agricultural repository CRYSTAL VISION smart sugar beet ,
• reducing the number of customers dissatisfaction . 8 These indicators cover all the cooperative performance axes. They are now tracked relative to the year 2010 reference.